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Hewitt Authors 

Our server, Bold Craft, will be shutting down this month if we do not get any donations. We only need 20$ a month to keep it online.

BoldCraft Minecraft Server

Hey Want to vote for our Minecraft server BoldCraftPVP?

Just click BoldCraftPVP and go vote for us!

BoldCraft Server IP

KitPvp [Open]

Top Donators of all time!

InfinityCrafter1 [VIP] 15$

This Month's Donators 

[VIP] /pvpkit VIP = Inifnity1 bow, Arrow1, DiamondHelmPro2, DiamondBootsPro2, IronChest & Leggins, DiamondAxeSharp1, RegenPot, NightVisionPot, Steak64, and GoldenApple4.







/pvpkit Member

/pet dog